What is Dedicated IP? Explained

Have you ever wondered what benefits you could get dedicating your own IP address? Probably, yes! Right? The issue arises when you are hosting your large and complex website expecting better performance, reliability and increased security and wish to see running the website efficiently. Though there is an alternative a shared IP addresses, however dedicated IP addresses outweigh it's importance in hosting than shared one.
Is it essential for you to understand which are the situations in which you are better off getting a dedicated IP address proving it to be the worth investment for your website?
Dedicated IP Address

Most trustworthy hosting company recommends you to go with the dedicated IP address to when you're planning to try shared hosting plans. In this post, you'll understand what dedicated IP address is and it's advantages you are probably not aware of.

Dedicated IP:

IP (short for Internet Protocol) is a unique address with which every computer gets assigned when it is connected to a certain network such as internet or local network. Dedicated IP addresses are usually employed for large SSL encrypted websites and more complex websites with heavy traffic to the sites. Shared hosting accounts share the server's IP address and have no particular need for a dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP Address

To put in another way, Dedicated IP is same as living in the owned house where there is no necessity of sharing any of the resources with anyone else. However, Shared IP means you are living in the apartment and all the people residing in there share the available resources. The IP addresses is a key identifier that provides location of the website in the given network. It's main purpose is to commute between the device and someone else’s device possible.

Is Dedicated IP address that beneficial? If yes, then to what extent?

There are several reasons why Dedicated IP address is highly recommended for a website hosted on a shared server. The main reason might be when the web visitors are likely to receive the messages from the untrusted connections, it can easily help you resolve the problem when you opt your own dedicated IP address. In addition, when you enable your own dedicated IP address you protect yourself against issues that are caused by other websites on your shared sever.  Also many web applications also demand a dedicated IP address to work more efficiently.
  • Ensures better security
Dedicated IP addresses provides better security in comparison to that of shared IP addresses and hence are considered powerful key identifier, too.
  • Improved Performance and faster response during periods of high web traffic
It allows better performance when there are huge web traffic and isolates your service from the abuse consequences where others are at fault thereby ensuring faster response to the increased website too.
  • Grants access to your website via its IP address any time you need
One of the major advantage includes instant access to the websites with the aid of IP address at time you want to browse it.
  • Provides better reputation for email senders
Email senders can have problems with shared IP addresses. However, if they opt dedicated IP address, it can avoid your service from being banned or blacklisted.
  • Beneficial for business or brand identity
Having dedicated IP address is always good for the business identity when you are in online shopping or other e-commerce business.
  • During domain name transferal, uses FTP to access the account
Dedicated IP address will grant access to the server directly with the aid of FTP protocol without altering DNS management settings for the domain name propagation.

I believe you, now, have understood all things regarding dedicated IP address and it's importance over shared one. If you want better flexibility, and are planning to host your website with the cheapest version of shared hosting plan, I better recommend you to go with the separate dedicated IP address over shared IP address. Because this not only enhances your site performance but also avoid other spam messages from potential untrusted network. Additionally, AGM Web Company offers the dedicated IP address service at just $36 yearly-wise and help ensure it worth the investment for your website. Choose wisely, make it the best decision ever! If you found something valuable in this post, I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section!
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